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It's More Than A Massage. It's An Experience...


- The Experience

- Corrective Bodywork

- Santa Barbara Classic

- Psoas / Lower Back Hip Release

(See below for descriptions)

At Chi Massage Therapy, I am dedicated to offering highly effective and personalized spa experiences. Utilizing luxurious products and techniques, I aim to provide deeply satisfying and rejuvenating treatments. 


To ensure accessibility, I am proud to offer a sliding scale payment option, with a suggested rate. Recognizing the financial challenges many may face, this allows guests to pay within a range that aligns with their financial capacity. Every individual deserves the opportunity to benefit from my massage therapies, regardless of their circumstances. 


All treatments include a thorough consultation for a tailored experience, and the indicated treatment times account for consultation and comfortable undressing/redressing. My goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where well-being can be prioritized, and by offering a sliding scale payment option, I hope to positively impact the lives of our community. 


Thank you for considering Chi Massage Therapy for your needs, and I look forward to providing you with a personalized spa experience.



The Experience:

Full System Reset 


At Chi Massage Therapy, I believe in the holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit. My Chi Massage Method aims to restore the natural flow of energy within your being by addressing blocked or stagnant energy. I start our treatments with the client lying face-up and incorporate customized aromatherapy to relax tension and promote energy flow. I also provide warm neck and eye pillows to enhance comfort and relaxation and use organic Jojoba oil for skin nourishment. As a skilled massage therapist, I use gently firm, long-flowing strokes to promote muscle relaxation.  Also, wrapping your feet with warm steamed towels to promote relaxation.  Your back will be relieved with deep compressions through a hot steamed towel and Tiger Balm adds to the soothing experience. Followed by an energy cleaning with a full-body sage.  Then we conclude the session with a 125-year-old Tibetan singing bowl sound healing for deep alignment and attunement.


Add-In Options:


At Chi Massage Therapy, I understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences. To personalize your massage experience, I offer various add-in options. These include the Scenar / Cosmodic or Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulator (ENS), which uses biofeedback to stimulate the body's natural healing processes for pain relief or targeting specific areas. Cupping therapy is also available to improve blood circulation and release muscle tension. Additionally, I offer the use of plant medicines like Kanna and Dendrobium to enhance relaxation and well-being. Chakra alignment with tuning forks and Psoas work for releasing tension and emotional stress are other add-in options. If you're interested in exploring the consciousness-body relationship, a deeper consultation can also be scheduled. Please note that certain add-ins may require additional time, so plan your booking accordingly.

90 minutes  (Full Body Massage)

Suggested Rate: $300                

Sliding Scale Option:  $250 - $300

105 minutes (Full body plus Scenar/ENS)

Suggested Rate:  $350                        

Sliding Scale Option:  $310 - $350 

2 hours ( Full body plus Psoas)           

Suggested Rate: $400      

Sliding Scale Option:  $370 - $400


Corrective Bodywork,

with Scenar / ENS / Cosmodic:  

Addressing Pain and

Restoring Balance


Healing chronic pain. I prioritize addressing your pain and providing prompt relief, which is why I offer Corrective Bodywork sessions using Scenar/ENS technology. This innovative technique combines biofeedback technology with electrical microresonances to target specific areas of concern, rather than providing a full body massage. During the session, the Scenar/ENS device clears cellular dysregulations, known as "energy cysts," promoting balance and stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. By communicating with the dysregulated system, the session aids in pain relief and accelerates the healing process. 


Please note that this targeted session is not a full body massage, but specialized offerings are available for Psoas/lower back/hip release treatment. Additional details can be found below.

60 minutes

Suggested Rate: $200

Sliding Scale Option:  $140 - $200



Santa Barbara Classic: Your Key to an Amazing Massage 


Indulge yourself with Santa Barbara's premier massage and bodywork service. My Santa Barbara Classic massage invites you to fully relax, release stress, and embrace greater well-being with a completely customized experience. Come discover why we have earned our stellar reputation in the industry.  


Enjoy a quintessential hands-on massage that incorporates a variety of modalities, from Swedish, and Lomi-Lomi, to deep tissue work and trigger-point therapy — all expertly applied by a master therapist with more than 12 years of experience.


Note: This offering does not include warm steamed towels, aromatherapy, warm eye pillows, sound healing, or any of the add-in options from above.  


Introductory Cost: $150

90 minutes

Suggested Rate: $210    

Sliding Scale Option: $180 - $210


Psoas /Lower Back / Hip Release: Restoring Mobility


At Chi Massage Therapy, I specialize in a targeted treatment focused on releasing tension in the psoas muscle, while also addressing related areas like the lower back and hips. The results of this specialized treatment vary depending on individual circumstances and goals. Generally, clients can expect physical relief such as increased flexibility, improved range of motion, and reduced discomfort. Our approach also improves functionality, enhancing posture, stability, and performance in physical activities. Moreover, the treatment offers emotional release and well-being, as addressing the psoas muscle can lead to emotional breakthroughs and reduced stress levels. Lastly, I emphasize the mind-body connection, combining bio-mechanical techniques with an understanding of the energetic aspects of the psoas muscle, enabling clients to deepen their awareness of their body, emotions, and self-discovery.


This integrative treatment at Chi Massage Therapy combines bio-mechanical techniques with an understanding of the energetic aspects of the psoas muscle. From a biomechanical perspective, I use Cranial-Sacral work, palpation, stretching, and techniques like strain/counter-strain and Active Release Technique to address the psoas muscle and related areas. Other problem muscles are also addressed. From an energetic standpoint, the psoas muscle is viewed as the "muscle of the soul" and connected to the lower Dan Tian energy center. The treatment aims to release physical tension while engaging with the non-physical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions of healing. 


Communication with the therapist is important, especially regarding any relevant medical conditions or menstruation, to ensure tailored treatment. Personalized stretches and self-care recommendations are provided after the session.

90 minutes             

Suggested Rate: $300

Sliding Scale Option: $250 - $300



Thank you for choosing Chi Massage Therapy for your well-being.  I am dedicated to offering a holistic approach that encompasses both the physical and energetic aspects of your healing journey. To schedule an appointment or obtain further information, please don't hesitate to contact me. My goal is to provide you with an amazing and exceptional experience during your visit to my spa. I appreciate your consideration and eagerly await the opportunity to serve you.



Health in the body,

Joy in the spirit,

Peace in the mind,

Love in the heart:

Brent Kee

*prices subject to change without notice.  

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