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It's More Than A Massage. It's An Experience...

Mindful Bodywork


The Experience

At Chi Massage Therapy I believe our body is an extension of spirit or source energy and that pain or discomfort is a symptom of the mind where energy is stuck and not in its natural flow of love. Following the Chi Massage Method is one of the many reasons I begin treatments face-up, allowing us to start as close to the source as possible. Beginning with high-quality aromatherapy tailored to fit your needs, rubbing it in the temples and continuing with a deeply therapeutic scalp massage, relaxing tension at its source. Here I will increase blood flow to the brain, calm the central nervous system and decrease brain wave activity, all at the beginning of our session. These first few minutes will help you drop in and become more receptive to the remainder of the work being done. Organic Jojoba oil is used throughout the treatment to ensure your skin receives nothing but the best. Using perfectly firm, long flowing strokes, allows the muscles to relax and elongate. Luxury Comphy sheets are soft on the skin and warm steamed towels compressed around the feet create a little slice of heaven. Tiger Balm or CBD Balm on the back, neck, and shoulders will leave your body in a state of bliss. I finish the session with a 125-year-old Tibetan singing bowl sound healing, melting your body to becoming in tune with YOU.  

60 minutes $200 This is a “Tune-Up” focus session and not a full body massage.

90 minutes $300

120 minutes $400

In-Home 2+ hours $600

Psoas /Lower Back / Hip Release Bodywork

During this treatment, I take an integrative approach to releasing the Psoas. From a bio-mechanical standpoint, I start with Cranial-Sacral work. Then I palpate, stretch, strain/counter-strain, and use Active Release Technique on the Psoas muscle. I also work on accompanying problem muscles such as the Ilicas, Iliotibial Band, Piriformis, and Quadratus Lumborum. All on both sides, but a majority of the work will go to the side giving you the most discomfort. Once everything is relaxed we perform a sacral alignment technique. And at the end, together we go over stretches and self-care to keep the Psoas happy and healthy.

From an energetic standpoint, the pose is known as the “muscle of the soul”. It rests in the lower Dan Tian energy center and plays a big role in how we process or don’t process emotions and life in general. While we’re working on the physical, we're pushing against the non-physical, energetic, spiritual woo-woo aspect of things. And can often lead to emotional breakthroughs, releasing stuck traumas and unraveling stale thought constructs that no longer serve.

90 Minutes $300

Note: Please notify your therapist if you have ever had the following but not limited to; any type of stomach surgery, stomach stapling, hernia, cesarean section etc. Women must not be on their moon.

Safe, Seen, Soothed

An emotional hug from an energetic teddy bear. You lay on your side, snuggling your favorite teddy bear or mine, Snuffles McSnufferson. As I guide you through a Breathwork meditation, I lay one hand on the crown of your head and the other on your back, moving it from your heart chakra to the sacrum as needed. We get very present in the moment, allowing us to observe the subtle energies that lie deep within our souls.

60 Minutes $200

In Suite Massage

Includes all the niceties of The Experience, but better because you can roll off the table and onto your couch.

About 2+ hours $600

each additional hour is $200

Santa Barbara only, please contact me for custom quotes outside of Santa Barbara. I have many Los Angles clients and frequently visit LA. Please reach out if you would like to be put on the list for my next visit.

**sorry I do not accept insurance. However, HSA does reimburse the client in most cases. Inquire within for more information.

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